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Found 18 results

  1. Right, questions for our Northern brethren go here Start with the usual; Plenty of scope with Leeds; fall from grace, mental manager, some decent young players, "big club" debate, etc. So have at it!
  2. I've done Burton Albion, who else should I bother? Only allowed 20 choices in the poll so I've omitted Villa and Norwich. Also made it multiple choice so if there's a few you'd like to hear from, you can. I'm good like that.
  3. Right, What's the questions? These are the old ones;
  4. These were the pre-season questions, and their answers can be found here, Any follow up Qs you want me to ask?
  5. Gone Fishing Everton (a) 30/09/2013 It's that time again, I risked life and limb (my delicate feelings) to ask questions of the fans of the next club to host Newcastle. This time round it's the Toffeemen of Everton. One of England's glorious old clubs, with a history that rivals all but the biggest of the big guns (15 trophies, no less! 4 more trophies than we've got and one as recently as 18yrs ago ) and a support with a decent reputation for knowledge and balance. So to put that reputation to the test, I asked the good people of The Everton Forum to answer the questions below: You im
  6. Well after the international borefest, we're back to the proper stuff. Newcastle travel to the midlands to face a Villa side who've had a string of tough fixtures in the league and, while they managed to pick up three points from Arsenal on the first outing, those are the only points on the board so far. Thanks to the lads and lasses from AVilla Forum who have supplied their answers below. Pretty confident of taking all three points, with every single respondent predicting a home win. What's a realistic aim for your team this season? Pete101 - Top 10 AVSTU - I think an improvemen
  7. It's that time again. Big thanks to the lads at ToffeeTalk and GloryGlory for their answers and their welcome. I'd genuinely recommend popping over to both of those message boards. Obviously I’ve done my best to represent the balance of views from both sets of fans, but you can read all the answers here and here respectively. Apologies for the duff formatting this time round, but I'm staggeringly hungover. Horrifically hungover. Apocalyptically hungover... You get the message. Anyway, here are their answers and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I didn't enjoy writing it. What's a rea
  8. Right, I stopped doing the Gone Fishing stuff because I got busy at work and missed a couple but nobody seemed bothered. I'm happy to start them up again, but only if people want to see them. I'd also appreciate if, on the few occasions I can't do them, somebody would do them for me? I was thinking about doing an off-season one, but I was thinking about how I did them in the past. I put the questions to anyone on their board instead of just one respondent. I tended to ask a few generic questions and some club specific; should I focus more on NUFC, their club, the league in general
  9. Well, what an unsurprising exercise in futility of that was. One guy says fuck off, the others fall about themselves, hooting with joy at (what one LAD describes as) a MAG being "comprehensively torn apart". Holy shitballs we need to spend more money on education. Anyway, the one lad who came on here and a mackem mate have provided answers. Bardsley and McClean look to return for them and while the former should slot straight in there's rumblings on wearside that McClean's not been performing to the high standards he set last season. I'd expect to see something like: Migno
  10. Reading (A) 29/09/2012 Views from here on HobNob Apologies for the delay in getting this one up. I didn't get moderator approval in time to collate the answers myself and then I was at a wedding this weekend, so it was left in the capable hands of Brock Manson. Many thanks to him and to the Reading Fans that answered. I did manage to watch the highlights during the boring as fuck Father of Bride speech. Ba's 1st is an absolute gem. Other than that I can't comment on the game itself.
  11. Norwich (H) 23/09/2012 Views from here on Pink'un Welcoming bunch of lads on there, seem genuine football fans too; knowledge about other clubs, broader sense of whats going on in football too. Definitely no chip on their shoulder, unlike some others. I've personally got a soft spot for Norwich fans because of mates, and now the Hughton link. Consensus seems to be that we should be wary of Snodgrass. Holt hasn't scored this season so if he starts I'd be definitely be wary of the big man. However, unlike the last time we played Norwich during an injury crisis, the in
  12. Everton (A) 17/09/2012 View from here on Grand Old Team Not fair to say that's necessarily representative as it's the only response, so I'll try and summarise what I've found from their match thread: Well, what an angry lot they are, got real enmity towards Newcastle, for whatever reason (probably that boring "who's a bigger club" stuff). Not seen a bunch of fans more desperate to beat us since the mackems Whipping themselves into a froth about Pardew, about Geordie Shore (while apparently being oblivious to the absolute weapons grades cathwords on Desperate Scousewives w
  13. Aston Villa (H) 02/09/2012 Views from here on Heroes & Villains (Soz for the delay, been drinking a lot)
  14. Chelsea (A) 25/08/2012 Views from here on CFC.net They're fairly confident about Saturday, worried about Ben Arfa and Cisse though. Seems to be the consensus that we'll be fresher than they will be.
  15. Tottenham (H) 17:30 18/08/2012 Views from here on Glory-Glory More pessimistic than I was expecting in terms of Saturday. They seem impressed with Sigurdsson already, also seem to be expecting more from Liverpool than we are.
  16. All right people, new season, new questions. Any more ideas?
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