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Found 2 results

  1. Underway now http://www.i-bidder.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/sir-bobbys-breakthrough-auction-and-ball/catalogue-id-2302?sortTerm=highbid Staggering the amount of people and clubs who have donated things towards this
  2. Sir Bobby Robson believes Dennis Wise will never be accepted by Newcastle United fans and has urged the club to quickly appoint a 'first-class' manager to replace Kevin Keegan. The Magpies are currently in turmoil following Keegan's abrupt resignation last week due to his disagreements regarding the club's transfer policy. Newcastle owner Mike Ashley and executive director (football) Wise have borne the brunt of the fans' criticism for Keegan's sudden departure. Former Magpies boss Robson is 'deeply concerned' by the club's current situation and is eager for a swift resolution on the managerial front. Absolute priority "Like all Newcastle supporters, I'm deeply concerned about how the club has appeared to slide over the past few years, and things seem to be worse now than ever," wrote Robson in his Mail on Sunday column. "The absolute priority for Newcastle now is to appoint a first-class manager, right away. "If it's not Keegan coming back, the club have to move on quickly. And a first-class manager will only work if he can determine what he wants and the club back his decisions. If the owner is the most important person at a club, the manager must be the second most important. And they have to work hand in hand. "I think Dennis Wise will never be accepted here and he has to realise that. While Dennis is running things from the south, you have to ask if the structure is correct. My view is that they need to appoint a Geordie manager, and someone with Premier League experience. That person can work with a director of football, as long as it's a director of football who will try to work on what the manager wants. Bruce suggestion "I've made no secret of saying in the past that Steve Bruce, for example, would make an ideal Newcastle United manager. He knows the area, knows the club, and has learned the trade at clubs like Birmingham and Wigan, which has been a great education for taking on a bigger club. "I don't know if Steve would want the job at the moment but the least Newcastle can do is create the atmosphere so that a fine, up-and-coming manager - and a Geordie one - would jump at the chance. "At the moment, everything surrounding Newcastle would put first-class managers off. It has to change, and fast."
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