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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the new hopefully faster Toontastic forums A few things that ya might not notice that have been added Themes: We've now got 3 you can use, pick whatever one you want and it'll stay set anytime you login, this is changed at the very bottom left of the page by clicking "Change Theme", all the same features work throughout all the themes, it's a personal preference thing what you like the look of best. SideBar: On the main page (/board/) There's a wee bar to the right hand side, The calendar bit will contain up and coming fixtures for the toon, previous results etc th
  2. To coincide with Fish wanting to do his "Gone Fishing" again, and with me trying everything possible to avoid doing promotion interview prep while i'm off work this week, i torn down and remade the entire front end to the site. which can be viewed here http://www.toontastic.net Frankly it's first incarnation was a rush job with a week before the season started and I never liked it, the new one imo looks better and will be much easier to keep up to date and maintain. It'll also be considerably better for mobile devices as it's responsive (for the non nerds, it'll know you're on a iPad/
  3. Single SignOn Once registered with or logged into the forums, your account will automatically work with the new main website for the prediction league and commenting on/submitting other content Toontastic EPL - Prediction League! I've been arsing about with things again and if you notice the menu at the top has now been updated with a new link for this. To make Stevie and JawD's life easier we now have a proper premiership prediction application no more posting/manually counting up crap in a forum thread. Each week the main page will have a list of fixtures and a deadline to have yo
  4. Ant

    Forum Changes

    To make things a bit more diplomatic and to get a better range of opinions before any decisions are made regarding all aspects of the forum we've brought on some extra staff Catmag - has left her moderator post for the upper echelons of the Admin team JawD - has joined the admin team New Moderators: we decided we wanted more voices behind the scene for when rule changes/larger problems arise and possibly to help with the growth of the forums in general. (moderation in general on here isn't "too" bad when it comes to people posting things they shouldn't since our member base is of a
  5. Toontastic will be offline later on tonight for around 1hour (probably less). Changes: -Some bug fixes and performance enhancements none of you care about. -Skin amendments and fixes. Member Tagging: -You will now be able to tag members in posts that you wish to direct attention to, the alert will be sent to the notifaction centre (little bell in the top right corner), which will contain who tagged you and a link to the post you were linked in. Twitterfeed: -A sidebar with a rolling update of toontastic twitter users who have been added to the list. Basic/Full forum view:
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