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Newcastle United v Celta Vigo

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Luque is looking lively. Putting some decent balls in, if we had 2 strikers in the box I'm sure the crosses would be used to more worthwhile effect.


cobblers mate.


two decent crosses, everything else he has TOTALLY fucked up. Looks like the team are trying to give him the ball as much as possible which is great to see but he keeps giving it away or trying the absurd.


Low on confidence is the reason why. Play him in the next few games and it may up his price come January if Roeder is still prepared to let him go; which I suspect he will.

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Must say I am very pleased with that starting line up!


I can't see us score with this line up tbh.

Haha, football made you lie :D


no, anyway I meant it more in the sense that I don't care about tonight as long as we win at the weekend.


I didn't lie. I didn't see us score.



I had to listen to it. :lol:

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