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HF, I noticed you said on NO that you're deciding whether to go through with it. Go through with what? Have they not agreed to give you the cash back? What stage are you at?


Definitely gonna get my act together and sort this out though.


I haven't started yet.


They advise you to have another bank account set up in case the bank get annoyed with you causing bother and close your existing account. But to open a new account these days you have to pay your wages into it so I'd have to change over my direct debits and it's a lot of palava.


I've got mates who've had 2 charges a month every month for the last 6 years so this was for people like them really. I've probably only had one or 2 charges a year and none for a couple of years. When I did get charged I usually kicked off at the time and got a refund.


Might enquire as to the total I've paid like, just to see if it is worth while. Can't do any harm.

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Aye I opened a second account a while back - Alliance and Leicester had one going where you didn't have to have any wages paid in and you got a load of Rpoints, so it might be worth checking with them. Think I'll give it a go - I never check my statements so I've no idea how much I've been charged, but I'm sure I go over my limits fairly regularly.


I'd hope they would settle before having to take them to small claims though. :) Couldn't be doing with all that!

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just request your bank statements for the last 6 years, scan through and total the charges yourself.


took me an hour or so to get it right.


on that site there are letter templates for you to fill in your details and send off.


getting you statements can cost you a tenner, but don't worry, that's incorporated when you're reimbursed*(sp?)

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