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Tiger woods 2005. Doing all right so far. My player looks nothing like me. Managed to win 2 out of 5 games so far in the legend tour. Seem to be getting the hang of it. as always my putting leaves a lot to the imagination. :lol:

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Fm2005... like right now, on the laptop, while messing about online...


on the Xbox it's normally multiplayer Halo2 with three mates on a Massive tv... with beer.... and pringles...


god I don't want to go to work tonight... all they've got is minesweeper and solitaire :lol:

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Cant wait!  B)  All ready warned the missus about this one.



:razz: Flippin eck it's gonna be class :blush:




Nhl 2005 I'm being Washington but since it's the FIFA of ice hockey games, I get cricket scores :angry:


Gta San Andreas. I CAN'T do the flying missions, and they seem to have loved putting in flying missions so I'm really getting pissed off with this one :( Although bludgeoning people to death with a dildo will never get old :blush:

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I've completed GTA san andreas and every time I go to play it I Get bored cos I've finished everything.. It'd be cool if my memory could be erased of GTA and I Could start again.. Honestly the times I had on that game were ledge.. I even used to miss school to go home and play. I was a bit of a nerd.


I also play Pro Evo 4 when there are mates round, to gain some man points I losed from being addicted to GTA! :razz:

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as good as the pic looks you should check out the trailer, looks superb.






Yep I've got got both trailers. I thought Windwaker was quite big. But this one sounds huge. Hope they've put more incentives in for you to keep coming back to it. All they had last time was the gallery and I did that then didn't go back for awhile.


the best parts are always when you teig how they are fitting Gannon into it, or Gannondorf now.

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