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The Circus..

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Who has ever been to the Circus? Whats your opinion of them?


I was dragged along to one the other week and what a lot of shit it was apart from a Malaysian Family who done all the acrobatic stuff etc.


Of course my opinion is in no way formed due to the fact that the two "clowns" who looked like two old alcoholic "jakies" made me play a part in the act...



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Fucking love them. Well, good one's anyways. Not so much the animal stuff, the people stuff.


It's just incredibly amazing the things some people can do...


I can just about juggle 3 balls. Then a guy comes out and juggles 7 with ease. I had a go on static trapeze, had a go at a really easy move and had to let myself fall off because my grip wasn't strong enough to hold myself like that for more than 2 seconds. Then you watch them come out and do all sorts of crazy stuff. And then aerial ring - not only do you have to have the strength and talent... but you have to put up with a hell of a lot of pain as well!!


The Russian Bar REALLY amazes me. Surely no one could fail to be enthralled by the skill in this? 3 pole-vaulting poles are strapped together. Think about it - theat's not even wide enough to stand both feet next to each other, not really. Two guys hold this at either end, hoisted on their shoulders, and another person stands on it in the middle. They then jump and do ridiculous triple somersaults in the air or whatever- and LAND on the bloody russian bar again!!!!!


How anyone could watch that and not have their jaws dropping on the ground in awe, I dunno. I'm blown away by stuff like that. The skill, the talent, the strength.. it's all incredible. And the dedication as well. These people practise 12hours a day sometimes. I don't do ANYTHING for 12 hours a day. Not even sleep (though I'd like to). It's insane. But in a good way.


Ahhhhh Ritchie..... you got me started on a favourite subject now...... I'll stop here for now though.


Btw, I'm scared of clown clowns too. But mimes are the scariest.

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I went to a circus once when I was younger. I cried for half of it (apparently, I have no recollection of this :blink: ) because the clowns terrified me.


The only thing I can remember about the entire evening is that the car got stuck in a massive big lump of mud and it took my dad absolutely fucking ages to get it out.

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