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Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

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My boots arrived, they look a little space age.


Think I'm going to either have to re-invent myself as a creative midfielder or find a muddy pitch to play on to cover the specially designed doo-dahs so they just look like normal boots.

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Matches his taste in guitars

The only thing you've rattled is your fleshlight. Cock like a pug's tongue.

Estate agent in doing their job shocker.

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Couldn't play in powercats, got a pair early last year but everything i hit i seemed to lob a ton of curl on for some reason.


Go for the the adidas F50's now, same reason as you super light, have a pair in the same green as the ones above, and the orange/warning ben arfa version.

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Just bought tickets for me and my girlfriend to go see Wales play Mexico in New Jersey at the end of May. She quite fancies Aaron Ramsey which is the main reason we're going, plus it'll be her first ever live football match! Should be quite fun with a few goals hopefully

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