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Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

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Matches his taste in guitars

"5 Miles on an Electric Scooter" sounds like a twee novel about fuck all that The Guardian would give 5 stars

Wow, who knew learning a musical instrument required discipline, patience and an actual attention span?

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Decided to try wireless earbuds. Everest 100 by JBL. Very good sound quality, as long as you're not a fan of huge bass. A bit bulky at first but they fit in really well and you get used to it within minutes.


Not exactly wireless I know but its still so much more convenient, especially when you're out and about. Looking to see how well the battery does, dont want to end up having another thing to charge everyday.


I experienced huge latency issues with playing videos at first. A firmware update fixed it to a great extent but you can still notice that video and audio are out just a tiny bit if you concentrate which is annoying.

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Thats my worry lol

Not too bad to be fair, its with Virgin and £1.5 each return which I didnt think was bad.


That's not too bad. Though BA normally do a business class sale in January, I got return flights to the West Coast for £1300 last year.


And congrats on the nuptials.

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