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Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

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Matches his taste in guitars

"5 Miles on an Electric Scooter" sounds like a twee novel about fuck all that The Guardian would give 5 stars

Wow, who knew learning a musical instrument required discipline, patience and an actual attention span?

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I’m concerned about @wykikitoon, he’s not been about lately- I reckon that useless cow that just spends t’whole day on t’phone has finally sent him over the edge and he’s gone on a rampage at work, but since everyone’s wfh he’s been locked in there since the 5th and has been surviving on the moldy leftovers that “all these fucking manky bastards” left in the staff fridge. 

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3 hours ago, Meenzer said:

All right, they've got a "£1/month for 12 months" Black Friday on, so I'm finally signing up for The Athletic.


(I've also bought a new food processor but you don't need to know about that.)

It's ok at times but I'm not that impressed to be honest. (I'm hard to please, to be fair). :lol:

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