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Player of the Season, Man United (h)


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Just me who thought Babs was shite then?


I agree; the amount of times he stands 10 feet away from the man he should be marking is ridiculous, he lets the winger get a cross in every time.


He's generally awful going forward as well; especially his crossing.

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Babayaro tried, but...c'mon...! You could see he still lacked the kind of quality we're still after in his position. Credit to him thou, he did try and had a decent game which is more than what I can say as far as the rest of the team go with Parker & Taylor aside of course.


I thought Shola did well when he came on, but we're just clearly not good enough, in fact we're not even a team when we don't have Emre & Dyer in the side. We have no chance in creating any kind of attack and when we do you only have Shearer there while he has 3 players marking him...!


I think Souness has made some good signings and some really worthless signings too. We not only need a good squad of players, we need a great squad of players because when key players are missing we don't stand a chance against any team...!

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