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Shearer bumming Woodgate

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'on his day' is basically a get out clause for people who aren't half decent tbh

... not really... the whole point of saying it is meaning he is rarely fit, but when he plays he's great. Pretty much the opinion of almost all Newcastle fans. But I won't spoil your shit stiring fun.

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Best English CB without a shadow of a doubt in my mind.


Would have to agree, his own performances alone would pretty much earn him that title, but his affect on the 3 defenders alongside him guarantees it.


Before he signed for us you would read about him and hear rom Leeds fans about just how good he was, and you could tell from their reaction to him leaving being massive compared to Ferdinand leaving. But when you see him play you understand how good he is.


But his injuries have stopped him ever being able to go on and be recognised as one of the best in the world unfortunately.

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Has everything but a great injury record.


Yet you didn't think it was worth the 'risk' to take him on loan this season?



Nope I didnt at the time given his past injury record but things have changed (my crystal ball must have broken!) Where our defence has constantly changed (one of the reasons I didn't want Woodgate, ironic!) Woodgate has probably had the highest percent of games played in his career.

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