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Neil Warnock on Boro

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Warnock 'disgusted' by Boro

By Lewis Rutledge - Created on 19 Mar 2007


Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock has accused Gareth Southgate of fielding a weakened Middlesbrough team against Manchester City as a favour to Stuart Pearce.


With Boro taking on Manchester United in an FA Cup quarter-final replay just two days later, Jonathan Woodgate, Julio Arca and Mark Viduka were rested for the clash with City on Saturday.


City won the game 2-0 to end a run of five successive Premiership defeats and climb above Sheffield United in the battle to avoid relegation.


Warnock believes Southgate's selection was 'disgusting' and 'disrespectful' to the other sides at the bottom of the table, and admitted he would be supporting United against Boro.


He told Sky Sports News: "Personally I think it is a disgrace. I know Stuart is a friend of Gareth Southgate's and I know they've got Manchester United, but I'd love to see them lose the next six games, Middlesbrough, and see how they feel in the last couple of games when they are under that sort of pressure.


"I think it's scandalous and I don't think a club like Middlesbrough should disrespect Sheffield United or Charlton or anyone else scrapping for their lives.


"I'm absolutely disgusted to say the least.


"If I had a choice of three players not to play against us, for Middlesbrough, I'd pick Woodgate, I'd pick Viduka and I'd pick Arca, and to not have any of them playing against Manchester City, especially the way Man City are playing at the moment, quite honestly it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.


"He's got to know they've not got much chance of winning without those three players. Take those three out of the team and they are a shadow."


Warnock even speculated that Southgate could decide to rest key players against struggling West Ham this weekend to aid Alan Curbishley's bid for survival.


"He's only a young manager Gareth, I just one day hope he happens to learn," said Warnock.


"They play West Ham on Saturday, that's another pal of his, so they'll probably not bother there.


"How he imagines us not to be disappointed I don't know, and I'm sure Alan Pardew feels the same.


"I think the game at Manchester United is important according to him, but I hope they get the just rewards at Manchester United."


Legend :unsure:


Found what he said about how the linesman on Saturday should be punished and maybe "banned for a few weeks" canny funny too :unsure:

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I like Warnock, but he's talking shit here. Boro have nothing to play for in the league, and were totally focussing on the FA Cup. Its got nothing to do with disrespect, just priorities. If Boro played Sheff Utd without Woodgate, Viduka and Arca I absolutely guarantee that if Utd won Warnock wouldn't mention it for a second.


He's just shitting himself that they're being sucked back into the relegation fight.

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Good article on the BBC though pointing out that Warnock put out a second XI in the FA Cup against Swansea when they got knocked out. As much as I don't like Boro, he's being a fucking hypocrit.

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I don't mind Warnock, and its funny what he said, but I think he's got it wrong. To be fair to the Smogs, their priority was the FA Cup, so they rested some of their players in the league because of that. Its completely understandable.

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