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A New Take On The Film 300

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Where do the parents of the world's finest trailer parks turn to when their kids are out of control? Maury Povich.


Her mom came to Maury to ask for help because of her 15 year old Victoria. Victoria brags about having sex with 15 different men over 300 times and all of it is unprotected. Her mother found that she's had sex in the 8th grade bathroom at school and she's .


Victoria is also stockpiling baby clothes and baby books. She's going to have a baby no matter what her momma says. She's got a plan and she'll have a baby, even if that means sleeping with 3 different men because she's a playa like that. If she has to be a prostitute to pay for her baby, she will because she's devoted to her baby. She's got clothes, a blanket, and hell if her baby loses one pacifier she's got 3 more ready to go.


But she's got dreams guys. She wants to drop out of school and be on Girls Gone Wild AND she wants to have her baby.


People today say teens don't have goals. They just haven't met Victoria.


I'm not sure, did she say "my baby" somewhere in there?



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Stupid little bitches like that should be culled from this earth, seriously what is she adding to the human race apart from allowing the rest of us to feel morally outraged? And then she's going to bring another child into the world who is more than liekly going to turn out just as bad as her.


The disrespect shown to her mother was a disgrace but to be fair her mother has to take her share of the blame, its hardly as if your daughter's revelation that she's had sex 300 is likely to come as a great surprise. A bit more parenting when she was younger and maybe it wouldn't have come to that.

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