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*The official Solano returns? thread

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Wait till Jimbo see's he has a rival!



It's not the proven Jimbo telly. I don't trust the fake copycat one.



Holy shit, I think today I have been pleasantly suprised and yes I think astounded!



I've been depressed for weeks, now I feel tremendous, I think its time we gave someone a good hiding in the next game or two!

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Fucking ace if Nobby comes back. Milner's overrated anyway for me, produces very little. I think this season was going to be his last unless he had a really stunning one.

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Guest Sima
Number 7 shirt has just become free as well :rolleyes:




Yer i was thinking that as well can he take 4 as well ?? As butt is on loan




No, Butt is still registered at Newcastle.

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From the Villa website in the sticky above:


"In what is a clear 'tap up' case if I've ever seen one, it seems that last year's player of the season has decided to bugger off after all, and a transfer saga which is nearly as long as the Baros one, rolled into one day.


It all started in the summer, when the right winger's agent claimed he wanted a move to Athletico Madrid. This was rebutted by Solano and with the signing of Bowma and Baros it looks liked we were getting a pretty nifty team together.


However, Liverpool's cheeky bid unsettled the Peruvian, and now it seems after only a year and half at Villa he's off back up north to look at that disapointing 'Angel of the North' thing.


Then followed the stupid, stupid sending off that makes me wonder whether it was his way of saying "sell me, otherwise I'll keep doing this". Especially as it was on the same week in which Solano had told the press in his native country he was hatching a plan on how to leave Aston Villa.


In what is a clear case of 'tapping up', Souness was openly seen on Sky TV cameras appealing to fans to keep up chants for Nolberto Solano at today's overhyped Michael Owen press conference. This seems to have turned Nolberto's head and he has be reported to have told Villa he wants off.


David O'Leary turned down one bid Nolberto today, saying that he wanted Milner in return as we currently have no one to replace him. It smacks of unprofessionalism on the South American's part - he's had all summer to say something, but waits until the last possible moment.


It appears a compremise has been made, with Sky Sports reporting Solano has completed a medical and that Milner is currently in Bodymoor Heath talking about a deal that would see him be loaned to the club for the season. Disapointing, really.


We're told he is the ultimate professional. His actions are anything but - and if he stays he'll find himself aliented from a big section of Villa fans - and if he goes, I shouldn't imagine he'll be welcome back by many. Still, perhaps we'll have a player who performs both home and away to replace him."


Who said "bitter"?? :rolleyes::angry:

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