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That was the summer that started the ball rolling, Liverpool were in the same position as us yet planned Houllier's replacement months in advance, Shepherd on the other hand...


*Told the World Robson's contract wouldn't be renewed at the end of the season.


*Sold Gary Speed to Bolton without telling him until the deal was done.


*Accepted a bid for Woodgate without telling him.


*Refused to sign Robson's first choice in midfield (Carrick) in favour of Champions League winner Nicky Butt.


*Bid for Rooney without telling him.


*Sacked him a few games into the season without a replacement lined up.


*Replaces him with Souness.


That's off the top of my head, this twat isn't fit to run a youth club let alone a football club.

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He's a fucking idiot.


He needs to go. Seriously. Is there any logical way we can get this fat fucker out.


How about if everyone in the stadium and the forums donated 50 pounds, we'd raise enough money, give it to someone who cares, buy the shares, and appoint a new manager.


Easy :crylaughin:

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