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Champions League Final

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Have to go to Eversley and watch it there.


Why isn't it on terrestrial ffs? ;)


It is.... ITV1

:icon_lol: Gutted, he was hoping to borrow the car.


Blame me mam for that one. :icon_lol:


Ah well, haven't seen me old man in awhile so I'll go anyway. Have one of the millers in the fridge.


I could be walking for all you know Alex. :lol:







They're lush like! :D


you're having a laugh mate

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Typical arrogance from the fuckers:


Alan Hansen:


Liverpool are going to win the Champions League final - I am absolutely 100% confident of that.


Come on Meeeeelan !!!!!!

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Manson= Thick as fuck


Having been told that the final isn't on terrestrial, and with no reason to doubt the source, it hardly makes me thick does it? ;)


Miller's lovely stuff though. :D

MGD is nice, the 'cooking' stuff that comes in cans is nowt spesh.


Miiiiilanooo all the way for me btw.

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Much as I dislike their classless, boastful, gloating I did feel a teeny bid sorry for those scousers with tickets whose plane was cancelled at the last minute.


EDIT: although I'd love it if the one who came on here wishing Bobby Robson dead was amongst those who will miss the game. LOVE IT!

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