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As if Alan Green isn't going to be relentlessly negative throughout his commentary tonight, he's just started his Five Live stint with a rant about the band who played the national anthems... then the fact that kick-off has to wait until the TV cameras are ready... then the fact that an Estonian journalist took his seat a whole two minutes after kick-off... does anyone at the BBC honestly think people like this man?


Anyway, apparently there's a match on. Owen starts, Dyer doesn't.


England: Paul Robinson, Wes Brown, Ledley King, John Terry, Wayne Bridge, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Peter Crouch, Michael Owen.

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Alan Green could be in the best stadium, with the best view, with the best weather watching some of the best football i nthe world and he'd still find something to twist about. Take him and Motson out to the barn and put them out of their misery. It's the only humane thing to do.

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What a brilliant idea it was dropping him from the squad. :D

Well yeah... enabled him to come back even stronger. Dropping Beckham from the starting line up after the WC was the right move tbh.


Not entirely though.


If Beckham had been a member of the squad over the past few matches, sub or not, it's likely we wouldn't be in danger of not qualifying.

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Glad we won.

Glad Joe Cole scored.

Glad Crouch scored.

Glad wor Michael scored.

But certainly not glad about the disappointing display England put forth after the Brazil game.

Thought Shorey deserved another start after his good performence against Brazil.

Lampard was again anonymous for most of the game.

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I'm so fucking thrilled that the players who people nearly always want to be dropped keep coming up with the goods.


Beckham has proved he should never of been dropped,And crouch just keeps proving people wrong.When will people see Crouch is the bollocks of a player?

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