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New era or same old story?

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Have Newcastle solved their problems with a new owner and the signing of Joey Barton? Or are they just following a familiar path? Let us know below


George Caulkin


And so a new era dawns on Tyneside. A new era in which Freddy Shepherd is Newcastle United’s chairman. A new era where Sam Allardyce’s first signing is arguably the most contentious player in English football. Mike Ashley, the billionaire, may now be well down the line to assuming full control at St James’ Park but, for now, the same old soap opera continues.


In terms of continuity and short-term decision-making during the critical weeks of the transfer window, retaining the present Newcastle board makes sense while Ashley’s officials examine the club in its entirety, but some supporters will be disappointed by the lack of symbolic change. Shepherd may be selling his shareholding, but he remains in place – to many, he is a discredited figure.


Allardyce, too, has stepped onto a familiar path. Newcastle have a vivid history of players courting unwanted publicity for their behaviour off the field – see Titus Bramble, Kieron Dyer and Craig Bellamy – and buying the troubled Joey Barton from Manchester City can hardly be regarded as a clean break with the past. It is early days for the new regime, but the question is have Newcastle missed that opportunity?


Source: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/foo...icle1898700.ece

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Personally, I would have preffered another manager to be in charge.

Few of us are privvy to the goings on behind the scenes, but I would have liked to have seen a move for say, Hiddink for example.

In saying that Allardyce will no doubt bring stability, and hopefully will be able to bring some respect back.


My two main worries are that we end up playing a similar type of football to that of Bolton. And Allardyce has no proven record of spending money in the transfer market.


I hope these fears are unfounded, and look forward to future success :D

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