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Player Profit/Loss

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Not sure if this one has been done before, but I was thinking about the "great" bit of business at selling Parker for £500k more than we signed him and got to thinking about


1) the times we've made a good profit on a player?


and on the other side of the fence,


2) players we've lost our bollocks on?




3) players that we really got our moneys worth out of?



I've just started with a few here, feel free to add/take away


1) Profit

Scott Parker : £500k

Woodgate : £4.4m

Andy Cole : £5m roughly

Jermaine Jenas : £4m

Gillespie : £1.5m

Hamann : £3.5m

Batty : £650k



2) Loss

Viana : £3m ???

Marcelino : £5m

Luque : £10m - ish

Cort : £5m

Maric : £1.5m

Ferguson : £4m

Boumsong : £5m



3) Good Value

Given : free

Speed : £5m loss

Ferdinand : £0 profit/loss

Ginola : £500k loss

Shearer : £15m loss :D

Bellamy : £2.5m loss

Robert : £10.5m loss

Rob Lee : undisclosed

Kevin Gallacher : £700k loss




I left out a good few for the point of discussion. Was Bramble a £4.5m waste? We got a fair few years out of him and he fulfilled his contract. Was Robert a waste of £10.5m?


Also, I'm not including every single player we've made a profit/loss on, more the ones who were highest profile. I'm only going back as far as Keegans years, feel free to add futher back if possible.


Before anyone mentions it, I haven't put Owen in either ;)


All prices have come from here : http://www.nufc.com/2006-07html/transfers.html

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Bramble is a waste of space.


You've still to take me up on that bet though :D

What bet?



Never saw it. £10 for the England thing and you're on btw. MOTM is too subjective though. Who decides that?


One agreed newspaper?


Sunday Times? Mail? Sport? loerrach-zeitung? ;)

Sunday Times is fine by me. Guarenteed he will be MOTM and won't play for England though so no money will change hands :D

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