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Baines deal almost complete

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Don't think anyone should be banned or similar because of an ITK rumour. But I do think stevie should apologise to the people who dare3d doubt him.


Other people have claimed insider knowledge and, when doubted, have responded in a much more mature fashion. Instead of a petulant hissy fit we'd just get a "we'll see".


The people leaping to Steves defence seem to be his mates, rather than people who genuinely agreed with his actions. Fair enough, but the people who doubted steve haven't done anything wrong despite the fact the inference seems to say that we've been overly critical or harsh on him.


I don't expect an apology like and, despite what Patrokles seems to think, I doubt steve would do it off his own back.

Once a daft cunt always a daft cunt.

aye you're right, what a daft cunt I am saying that you shouldn't be banned and that your reaction to people doubting you was over the top.


:) as you would say "pipe down you mug"

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