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Lalas: "MLS on par with Prem League"


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Lalas: MLS players 'wouldn't miss a beat'


Alexi Lalas helped humiliate English soccer 14 years ago. It looks like he's trying to do it again.


The Los Angeles Galaxy president, who scored when the United States beat England 2-0 in a friendly in 1993, told British newspapers that Major League Soccer is on a par with the Premier League.


Irked by suggestions that David Beckham is going into semiretirement by joining the Galaxy, Lalas said the only reason the English league is popular is because of American-style marketing.


"The fact that a segment of the world worships an inferior product in the Premiership is their business,'' Lalas said in an interview with The Guardian published Tuesday.


.... continued:




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Mind if you watched some of the game not involving the top 4 teams you'd think he was right at times. (and we were responsible for some of the worst!)


But he is however talking complete and utter bollocks. Somebody should tell him that our basketball or ice hockey leagues are as good as there's just lack the marketing and see if he agrees!

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Even Zathras reckons the Championship is better.

Where is he these days?



...now that the US of A are already 16th and ahead of Scotland in the FIFA rankings again - they will even climb higher when they win the Gold Cup again...

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Lalas is an idiot.


Even people here think so.


MLS teams would probably finish about midddle of the Championship. Keep in mind that the maximum size for an MLS team right now is about 20 players.




Oh, and y'all can fuck right off. I've better things to do than argue with a bunch of frightened Brits, so I'll give you a link:


Steven Wells


I am not delusional enough to think MLS is anything more than a league sitting somewhere between 10th and 15th best in the world, but it's not the joke you all hope it is either.

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