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They were from last week weren't they Jimbo?


I turned over last night to watch it last night and it was a repeat of the first episode of the new series. They've not gone through the new series already have they?


Might have been lastweeks, it was the last one I've watched from my SKY+

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Wow how cool is this prank calls. I am so glad people are making original comedy for a change and not just re hashing old shite which was done 40 years ago on radio.



shit its funny but it aint original is it? there's been stuff like this on t'internet for years!


anyone remember that ' kick the dog' one? I'll see if i can post it from home later, that's a classic!

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For me it was funny for the first few episodes and now the joke has worn off. Just like the fast show, catherine tate, little britain etc. etc.


Catherine Tate?!?! :icon_lol: That's got to be one of the most unfunny comedies I've ever had the displeasure of accidently flicking over to.

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