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Milner signs new Magpies contract

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good news that we're signing up our young talent or will he ever step up to the level we need and hold down a first team place week in week out?




Newcastle's James Milner has signed a new four-year deal with the club.


The 21-year-old told the club's website: "I'm delighted to have signed a new contract.


"Newcastle United is a great football club and hopefully I can be here for a few more years yet and help the team be a success.


"It is an exciting time at the club and I am very happy to be a part of it," added the England Under 21 international winger.


Milner had enjoyed a break after playing for England in the Under 21 Championship in Holland this summer.


But he returned to training with his Newcastle colleagues on Friday.

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He deserves his new contract (as long as it isn't on ridiculous terms) and he'll be a decent squad player. But I don't think he will become a top player.


I agree, he did more than most last season, such as it was to get a new contract. And he's good to have in the squad, but ith his lack of pace and inconsistent crossing you wonder what level he'll reach over the next few years and will it be enough for where we want to be.

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his performances in europe last season were top class. does anyone like any players on here


Where do you get the impression from that Milner is disliked? But just because he is a Newcastle player doesn't mean that you have to kid yourself about his ability/potential...

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yeh i know that. comments like "his lack of pace and inconsistent crossing" are bs though in MY opinion


To be fair i based that comment on the fact he has no pace and that his crossing is inconsistent! :jesuswept:


Anyone who has watched Millner will tell you he doesn't have pace, that's not his fault and he works his arse off for the team, but he lacks pace simple as that.


And under no pressure at all out wide every game on more than one occasion he will waste a crossing opportunity, he will also every game usually put one excellent cross in sometimes more, but at times he is very wastefull.

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