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Hey kids, science is fun !

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It's a little known fact that just a pair of safety goggles will prevent a hideous death by burning in situations of a massive fireball. :icon_lol:

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I can remember a Chemistry teacher who used to talk about gas-air mixtures


he started with an empty can of syrup, cut a small hole in the top and a bigger one in the base, connected up a gas line from a bunsen burner to the bottom- once gas was coming out of the top he set light to it so it burned steadily. After a while he pulled the gas line out of the bottom. The flame continued to burn the gas but air was sucked into the bottom - once it reached critical ratio it exploded blowing the lid right across the lab. FANTASTIC!!


Unfortunately he couldn't stop,and year by year went for bigger and bigger cans. By the time my brother was in his class 4 years later he had rigged up a DUSTBIN on the schoool field and was firing the lid 100m or more - at this point it came to the attention of AUTHORITY and it was stopped - shame..........................

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