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He'll be from Brazil...

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He got the best out of a pairing with Cris, didn't he?! So he must be a magician...


I have to admit that I haven't see a lot from him except the odd CL game and hardly can remember his performances. But if he is a player who is able to move the ball out of defence without just hoofing it up front then I'm more than excited.

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If he turns out to be shit, I've got dibs on CACAPAP as a thread title.


CA-CRAP-A, shirley?


No. Kaka. Pap. CACAPAP. CACAPOOP at a push.

It's got to drain on you, wandering around covered in a fog of Wrong all the time mate.


it's blatantly CaCrapa but now you're just too stubborn to admit it.

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now this sounds like it could be better news. i don't know too much about him but he can't be a bad player to have captained that lyon side of the past five years plus he's the right kind of age. we could do with an experienced centre half to boss the back line so we don't have to rely on the likes of taylor, huntingdon and ramage week in week out.


does anyone know much about him?

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