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celebrity prank calls

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anyone checked any of these out? quite a funny way to waste some time if you're bored at work. it's amazing how many dumb americans fall for it and don't realise the person they're talking to on the phone is some prankster with an arnie soundboard.


check these out:


Telemarketer calls Arnold Schwarzenegger to offer him a discount trip to las vegas:



Arnold Schwarzenegger calls looking for someone's mother:



Al Pacino calls a Limo Guy:



Joe Pesci calls a Black Guy



Darth Vader calls Microsoft demanding to know what happened to the plans that they were sent. You figure a Microsoft employee of all people would recognize Lord Vader's voice, however this rep was fooled by the dark side.



and plenty more at:


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Guest stevieintoon

This kid I know, he's a bit of a heed the baal. He's from a small town in Lancashire called Nelson, he's areet but he's fucked up in the heed.


What he does is right he gets the phone book oot and rings people up called Sarah Connor who live in NE Lancs, was funny until some old granny called Sarah Connor answered the phone and got scared, some of them are on youtube I'll have a look.

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