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Hammers hold Barnes talks

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West Ham boss Alan Curbishley has confirmed the club have held talks with Derby over the signing of Giles Barnes.


Curbishley also refused to completely rule out that possibility of resurrecting the Kieron Dyer deal which collapsed last week.


Barnes is one of the most sought after young players in England and played a huge part in helping Derby to the Premier League.


After seeing the Rams promoted, it was expected that Barnes would stay put at Pride Park.


However, Curbishley has now revealed that The Hammers have been talking with Derby about a possible deal for 19-year-old - who was actually born in East London.


"We have been looking at the situation and we have spoken to Derby about it," Curbishley revealed to Sky Sports News.


The Hammers boss revealed that the two clubs cannot agree a fee for Barnes.


"At the moment nothing is happening - their valuation is not where we are at and he is a Derby player so I shouldn't be talking too much about it."


Curbishley did admit that he could revive his interest in Dyer - after Newcastle pulled the plug on the deal last week.


"It is a difficult situation, lets just say we found it very difficult so we will have to see what happens and unfortunately Kieron Dyer is stuck in the middle and we will have to see what happens."


Hammers chairman Eggert Magnusson has again vented his again at Newcastle, who asked for an extra £2million for Dyer, after a deal for £6million had been struck.


"The fact that Newcastle moved the goalposts in the middle of the game is not how to do business," he said.


"They had given us permission to speak to the player, he had had a medical and we had agreed a fee when we received a phone call that they wanted £2million more for the player."


Magnusson himself does not see how the Dyer deal could be resurrected.


"We could not believe it. But I think the deal is now gone and I feel very sorry for the player, he wanted a move, he wanted to come closer to his family in Ipswich and now that has gone," he added.


"I think this business with Newcastle has shown that we are not prepared to pay any price that a club puts on a player. If there are perceptions that we will do that, they are not correct."

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