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Guest stevieintoon

thanks to Wykiki's contribution for the last one.


What's your first thought about Sunderland AFC (where do you see them in terms of stature, history etc..?)


When I write this I'm going to try my very best to avoid letting my personal feelings about the mackem ethic, influence how I feel. When you look at Sunderland, they're the enemy, as a geordie it's very easy to assume the whole place exists entirely to hate Newcastle, but when you try and look at it impartially, there are many worse clubs than Sunderland AFC.


When Sunderland won their sixth and final League Championship in 1936, they were most succesful club in English football, they were the richest, they were known universally as the Bank Of England club. Some might argue they were the biggest club in the world, and who could argue against it? So you can abuse Sunderland of many things, but they have a rich heritage, as we do, should be rightly proud of their pre-war achievements. To me Sunderland will never ever be as big as Newcastle United now, but they deserve a place in England's elite.



What do you think of Roker/Stadium of Shite?


Roker Park was a typical old ground, it had character by the bucket load, and the Fulwell End could make a heck of a din in all fairness to them. The Main Stand was designed by Archibald Leach, with the Criss-cross hallmark along the side, which you also see at Everton and Rangers. It had a decent atmosphere on occasion.


I’ve sadly never been to the SOS for a derby, but I have been for another game (no abuse) please, and I can safely say it’s a lot better than many of the newer grounds. However the actual interior is like a MFI job, all the way around the ground they have supporters bars, “The George Hurley Bar”, and there’ll be a big cardboard poster of the player by the bar, and I kid you not these posters are held together by nothing more than glorified staples. The interior has a small time feel to it, as FFS once said SJP is a Rolls Royce compared to a Skoda when comparing the two grounds. In the stand themselves, you get a good view regardless where you sit, to the left of the away fans in the corner are the most vocal of the mackems, and what a set of arseholes they are.


Do you have a few specific memories of games against Sunderland home and away?


I have so many memories of Sunderland games, some of the greatest highs of my life have been against Sunderland, and some of the lowest lows.


May 1990. I was only 12, I went in the Milburn Paddock nearest the Gallowgate End, the atmosphere was amazing, we’d drew the first leg of the play of 0-0 at Joker and we were firm favourites to put this to bed…..but it all went wrong, in fact so wrong I hate remembering it. Gates put them 0-1 up at half time, and I still thought we’d come back on win. However we offered fuck all in the second half really, and it was a total knife to the heart when that fat Yorkshire bastard made it 0-2.


Tears were streaming down my face, I was right at the front of the Paddock and there was a huge surge behind me so I had to go up the steps, next thing I knew I was on the pitch getting trampled on, and my bright yellow coat covered in mud, as loads of toon lads headed towards the Leazes to front the mackems. The mackems remained where they were, and who could blame them, it was a clear attempt to get the game called off, and the dogs took 20 minutes to clear the pitch. The daft cunts who remained on the pitch should’ve snapped the cross bar, in effect it wouldn’t have made any difference at all though. I can’t even remember if we got fined. What a shit neet though, I thought the realisation of my dream, a trip to Wembley, was going to come true, but it was shattered.


I remember me dad used to work down the yards with loads of inbreds, he came home with this photocopied doctored version of the Blaydon Races…


“The Geordies made some noise that night

They made an awful din

But you should’ve heard the Leazes End

When Marco’s goal went in”


Fuckin bastards


The biggest high was seeing O’Brien make it 2-1 with that free kick, fuck me it was magic. We kept our winning run going and we stuffed the mackems in their own backyard. When you see the fans behind the goal going mental, it felt hundred times more mental being there, when the toon kicked off again, I looked over to the Clock Stand, and it was clear the there were loads of Geordies giving a good account of themselves in the mackem end.


What do you feel about the current Sunderland team?


I’ve heard said that £20m on Chopra, Gordon, and Richardson is the biggest collective waste of money in football history. I don’t know if that’s true but if that is the value of their ability perhaps Mort was right to demand more for Dyer. They’ve added others too like Dickson Etuhu, he’s always looked like a carthorse in the Championship so fuck knows how he’ll fare in the Premiership.


The squad which got them promoted last season, it has to be said, seemed a much better one than Mick McCarthy’s 2004/2005 side. Carlos Edwards will cause any defence problems, SAF even made enquiries about him when he was at Wrexham,.and in fairness to Chopra it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets double figures this time around, and that was their problem the last time, they had no one to score. I think they can stay up by the skin of their teeth, what ever your opinions on Roy Keane are, he has the same aura about him Shearer has, he’s a winner, and winners breed confidence. I think they’ll stay up, but they could do with a few new defenders.


What do you think of Sunderland fans?


There’s no point in being diplomatic about this, I think they’re the biggest fuckin bunch of arseholes on these islands bar none. You really have to spend time with mackems to appreciate this fully. Everything, and I mean everything in their thoughts revolves around Newcastle United. The biggest Sunderland fan of them all, Bob Murray summed up their small time mentality, when he said “I won’t rest till the Stadium has one more seat than Newcastle’s”, that’s coming from the top, so you can only imagine what the urchins are like.


I remember me dad telling me a story about a mackem who worked at Press on the Tyne he was working with, the game against Spurs when mathematically we could’ve won the league, Spurs took the lead, and this mackem celebrated with a joy and aggression on his face only a lottery win could provide. Sums them up.


This cunt I used to work with was trying to tell me Sunderland were a bigger club than Newcastle because there are 20,000 more people in the borough of Sunderland than there are in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. Fuckin incredible people. There’s always going to be rivalry but I tell you what it is in every way, the way these mackem arseholes go on, we have every right to look right down our noses at them.


Some of you have mackem mates, good for you, “they’re alright” – they’re not alright they’re cunts, and I speak for people from Newcastle here before you get on your highhorses.


The ciriticism levelled at Newcastle is we’re losers, if we’re losers what are Sunderland? Losers who’s fundamental ambition is to be better than losers? Wanks. When they came 7th oh dear, it’s a wonder they didn’t organise an open top bus for finishing above us.


Gary Neville once commented, “"I can't stand Liverpool, I can’t stand the city, the football clubs, I can't stand Liverpool people, I can't stand anything to do with them." Exchange Liverpool for Sunderland and that’s how I feel.


Anyway that’s the negative stuff over. Regardless what you say about them, Sunderland have a loyal support. You can abuse them for 22,000 gates in the Championship, but it must’ve taken a lot to watch them, after twice they set records for the poorest Premiership team in history. For my money, numerically I think Sunderland have the 5th best away support in this country, behind Man Utd, Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds. I can’t imagine any London club taking 9,000 to Wigan and Barnsley. If you forget about the fact they’re an utter bunch of wanks, they deserve better than their football club has given them on these terms.



Prediction: 17th

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I feel no hatred towards them tbh. They're like the vocal Scots who hate the English. The dislike is virtually one sided because we're not as bothered...


You just need to read the comments on a few of these forums over the last few years to find out that statement is bollocks tbh




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Guest stevieintoon

For all you mackem cunts reading this, and I know there's a few, I meant every word of it. Individually I've met some canny mackems, one kid in particular I used to work with was class, he knew his place, but collectively I don't like mackems, the same as collectively (through jealousy) you don't like geordies. "We payud foowa yowa metrooah 20 yurz befowah we gorrit" ;)


What aboot the mackem on RTG there Wacky "Sunderland have the second best away support in England" fuckin hell. Only a clueless idiot would easily dismiss Leeds away support as well.

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Guest stevieintoon
Even the mackems thing stevie is an utter fucking spaz ;)

In fairness to you Sima at least you haven't started arselicking on their board like Student Grant there, but since when was their opinion valid? The only person I can see calling me a SPAZ is a mackem from Washington, who should support Sunderland.


Today, 01:02 PM #38


Lost Magpie


Believe me, no one can come across as a bigger tit than that lad


Today, 12:46 PM #33


Lost Magpie





Join Date: Jul 2003

Location: In the Discotheque Re: Sunderland AFC




The lad who wrote it is a grade A tosser anyway.


All because I tell him what he is. Would anyone lower themselves to arselick the enemies fans by reassuring them the lad posting about them is a tosser? It's prostituting yourself. I'm not to blame for you being a non entity, boring, mackem student wank, so why the hostility? You should stay over there amongst your own.

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