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Big Sam...I know it's early days but...

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I'm of course very happy but I can't get too excited yet, remember the win at west Ham early last season, that turned out to be a fluke, so might this, lets see where we are after a few matches.

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I did have that here we go again feeling when they got one back. Good to see Sam changing things though to slow the game down and hold on to the game. A good start but now we need to do it at home next week.

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Whilst it was great to see us 3-0 up and playing well, it was perhaps more important what happened in the 2nd half. Yes they scored past us, but that was an excellent bit of play by Anelka, but other than that we fought, battled and kept them out and we started to kill the game, spoil it, slow everything down and generally do what needs to be done in these situations.


And shock, horror, a toon manager actually used subs properly and tactically when they were needed, instead of sitting on the bench doing fuck all! He made changes to help us defensively and brough more height on in case they bombarded us near te end which was the right thing to do.


As people have said its only one game, but the way we've gone about things as a club since Mort and Big Sam were settled in is in direct contrast to Fat Fred and Roeder et al.

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I think it's been our best transfer window since Keegan tbh. Happy with every one of our new signings. Viduka's link up play was quality yesterday - something we've missed since Shearer was at his peak.

Agreed. Good to have someone capable of playing that 'back to goal' role.


Aye I thought that as well. Did nowt spectacular but was completely solid and is so strong with the ball at his feet. Great signing.

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I have to admit i'm catching a bit of BSF (Big Sam FEVER)


Don't ask me why, he just has something about him, he knows how to organise a team (when was the last time you heard Newcastle and organised in the same sentence).


For the first time in ages we may not play like a bunch of losers


His signings have been good - Viduka, Smith, Barton, Rozy for sure


Enrique and Cacapa we'll see


Look at the job at Bolton, took then from nowhere and turned them into a team who could beat top 4 teams on a regular basis.


Give him time, but he's already set the wheels in motion i would say.

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