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Mido to `Boro for £6.8m

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From the Boro messageboard: http://boards.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=8...ytoid=528427249


if we land this monster I will be well happy with the summer transfer dealings.


Tuncay - obvious quality and his touch is exquisite. So comfortable on the ball and better than what we have been used to.


Ali - pace, pace, pace, and pace, oh, and his control is instant and he looks to run for goal. Always a bonus especially when we have been brought up on a diet of crab football over the last 5 or 6 years.


Woodgate - when fit, we are talking about a Real Madrid style quality player.


Young - Dependable I'd imagine. Probably fit as a fiddle. Timely in the tackle and another one who is comfy on the ball and doesnt look to get rid in an instant. Sorry Dava. He may even chip in with 2 or 3 a season if were lucky.


Last but not least we have the egyptian monster. The king of all pharaoh's - MIDO. What a beast and exactly what we are looking for. At last we'll have a big rough bastad upfront who can muscle in and win his fair share of headers from Stuey's pinpoint crosses.

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