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England vs Germany

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From an England pov, Robinson was awful, Richards looked light years ahead of Taylor and it was a mistake to move him inside imo, blunting our attacking options down the right, Shorey did ok but he should have put the ball out just before their first goal, Beckham struggled once Richards went inside. I thought Owen looked sharper than Saturday and he linked up with Smith quite well. I thought Smith had a canny game, without looking like scoring. The daft thing is though, the biggest positve, i.e. Lampard looking like the player he is for Chelsea with a central midfielder sitting deep behind him, is cancelled out by the fact you know McClaren will play both him and Gerrard when they're both fit in the middle so it'll be back to square one there too. Overall though I thought Germany deserved it. We had some good chances but I think we only really played decent stuff for the first 25 minutes or so.

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England need to build their team around Gerrard tbh

Actually, I agree. The point about Lampard applies to Gerrard too. It's either one or the other and I'd go for Gerrard. It still doesn't solve anything like all the problems though, given a likely midfield would then still comprise Beckham - Gerrard - Hargreaves/Carrick - J. Cole. If you do that there's no pace in midfield so you have to go with flyers at full-back, ideally Richards and Ashley Cole. I'd actually be inclined to really bite the bullet and play Lennon or Wright-Phillips instead of Beckham. Unfortunately I can't see the manager dropping Lampard or Beckham, let alone both.

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