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Deadly shark spotted in Aberdeen

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Experts revealed it was a deadly Mako — famed for leaping out of the water on to boats to attack humans.




Whilst the Mako does leap generally, I'm pretty sure the only instances of it leaping onto boats to "attack" humans would actually be when it was caught on a fishing line and was trying to escape and didn't so much "attack" as flail around (shark fins are very sharp so it might have caused a few cuts).


And my ass it can grow to "20 ft" about 13 feet is about the maximum.


There is a great picture somewhere of a 6-8 foot Mako (I think) hanging dead off a pole on the back of an Australian big game fishing boats with this Great White come up from below and basically taking it whole off the pole in on go though.





It's bizarre they are worried about Mako's though they've been around Britain since..... forever.


Even Great Whites have been found up to North Wales back in the 18th century.



I can't imagine the hysetria when they do eventually confirm a Great White. :razz:

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