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Bugs and issues

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If you find a problem with the site or forum please post the details in here so we can check it out, when you do so can you provide the following information as well as a write up on whats wrong...


Browser you are using ie IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera etc.

Your operating system: Windows 98, XP, Vista, Mac etc

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i had a bookmark direct to the forum previously i think it might have been toontastic.net/forum or something if i use that now it gives


Index of /forum


Name Last modified Size Description


[DIR] Parent Directory 15-Sep-2007 22:41 -


Apache/1.3.37 Server at toontastic.net Port 80


Try it now.

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When I'm viewing the www.toontastic.net front page using IE 6 the news stories appear at the bottom of the page leaving a big gap at the top.


Use IE7 then you tit ;)


nah, I need to take a neb at it as its some daft IE CSS bug, if anyone knows what it is then can you let me know?



Not a problem at home but at work I can only use IE6, its not a massive problem but some folk might not be running it.

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