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Poor Substitutions and Alan %$£!*(#@ Smith

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Why bring Owen off soo soon in the second half? I can sort of understand this one, to give MArtins more time to make an impact. But why on earth bring Geremi off for Faye, and not ALan Smith who was once again absolutely fucking useless. All he's good for is a booking and messing up the pitch with his sliding. Geremi played Right midfield for Real Madrid more than a few times and he could cross a ball from there, so why not bring smith off, Faye in the middle, and Geremi on the right?! Unless he was injured, this really angers me. To give SMith the captains armband also, I know it doesnt really mean a lot to get the armband mid-game, but come on, It's no wonder he doesn't get on for England, and it's no wonder Man U let him go and played some fantastic football without him in the side last year.


We were pretty bad in general today, defensively not as comfortable, and our set pieces were nearly all fucking abysmal. As were all the hopeful long balls. This is the kind of result that we would have got 6 months ago. No need to hit the panic buttons yet, but I hope things can click sooner rather than later. To think, we let Solano go for under a million and signed Alan Smith for 6, what a joke =/

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disgraceful performance. i had a feeling we might lose this but i didn't think it would be that embarrasing. no semblance of a performance whatsoever


taylor is not a full back. we've got a new specialist right back on the bench in beye so why not play him?


smith is not a midfielder, let alone a right winger and was absolutely awful again.


geremi, butt and milner are all good players but that midfield 4 was one of the most workman-like and least creative i've seen us put out in years. two holdng midfielders and no pace on either of the flanks made for a total lack of attacking threat.


owen and shola both toiled and both looked poor at times but they were feeding off scraps all night.


i can't understand why given isn't starting either.


early days i know but on first impressions, feye looked a bit of a donkey. he was slow, imobile and contributed little goingg forward. another signing i can't really udnerstand.

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