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The mysteries of musical taste ??

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following on...not really ...from the James Blunt shenannigans I like to play a game on the big yellow taxi called "guess what type of music they are listening to on their ipods" ...long title but you get the gist :huh:


Anyhoo , lad gets on this morning, leather bike jacket, Doc martens, piercings in eye and lip and ear and a bit of a mohican...sits down next to me and what do I hear coming from his head set ???




Dean Martin !!!! ;)

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I used to think I could guess what music people liked from the way I looked but then I realised that if I saw me walking down the street I'd get it completely wrong and that I was being stupid.


I always wonder why people get so argumentative about music (see: Blunt thread) but not so much about other senses.


You don't like the smell of cinnamon? You prefer the feel of velvet to silk?


What a gay.

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