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Complaints to the Box Office

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I'm complaining to the box office after the tickets I had were restrited view and still full price, anyone ever had any dealings with them along these lines? Would be interested to know the outcome.


Wrote a letter to them, here it is, it's written from my mothers perspective as she bought the tickets:


To the Box Office Manager,


Re: Tickets purchased for the Newcastle United v West Ham United Premier League match on Sunday 23rd September.


I contacted the Box Office to purchase 2 tickets for the above mentioned match; I was advised that the price of the tickets I was booking was £33 for a normal adult ticket and £27 for an OAP ticket.


These tickets were a birthday present for my fathers 80th birthday; he has followed Newcastle United for over 60 years and was delighted at the prospect of attending the match along with my son who was taking him.


I stressed to the person I spoke to at the Box Office that as my father was 80 years old he would be unable to walk up many flights of stairs so I was grateful that the tickets were on Level 4 in the North West corner of the Leazes End of the ground, in row AA seats 3 and 4. These seats formed a row of 4 seats situated at the end of a concourse.


My complaint to you is that on returning from the game my father and my son expressed the great disappointment and dissatisfaction that the tickets allocated had a severely restricted view. In front of them as they were seated was a white barrier that ran along at eye level. My son informed me that they had to constantly alternate between sitting right back in their seats and hunch down to see through a small gap between the concrete and the white barrier, this he added was very difficult to do as they then had to contend with the people in the rows in front standing instead of sitting and despite 6 requests to sit down as they couldn’t see they were largely ignored. The other option they had was to sit on the very edge of their seat and sit completely upright to enable them to see over the barrier, which I am sure you will agree for a man of 80 years old who worked for many years as a coal miner this was impossible to do for a 90 minute period.


Their enjoyment of the match was severely reduced due to the seats they had been allocated and I am very disappointed that it was not mentioned when I was booking the tickets that there was a restricted view for these particular seats and therefore a subsequent reduction in price.


The only thing that tempered their mood was the fact that Newcastle won and my son had backed Mark Viduka to score the first goal and Newcastle to win 3-1 at 50/1. Had it not been for this the whole occasion would have been irretrievably soured.


I am sure you will suitably make up for my dissatisfaction as a customer and hopefully I can pass on any recompense to my father and son who endured a very uncomfortable afternoon in your otherwise magnificent stadium.


I will await your response eagerly especially following Chairman Mr Mort’s comments in the Evening Chronicle this week about how they are overhauling the club structure, including the treatment of customers contacting the Box Office.


Yours Faithfully

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This morning I received a letter from them saying they need another new mandate form for the 2008/9 season ticket scheme. When I had gone to the Box Office to apply, I filled one in and made sure the lass had stapled it to form I'd filled in at the time.


Looking good for a duplicate withdrawal from my account on Oct 17th!!

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I find that the best way to deal with the box office is to go in if you can. When I signed up for the new free cup ticket scheme they sent me a ticket on my old application as well and I was worried about being charged twice. They said I could either cancel the cheque which I did or they would post a refund which they also did, but since they hadn't taken the money I sent this back.


Other than that I have never had any problems with the box office (except they keep saying there are no season tickets in the East Stand which doesn't seem to be true whenever I ask to move there!). I think they have a difficult job as they only seem to find out about things at the last minute such as the season ticket renewal thing and seemed to be really understaffed until recently when I think they have taken a lot of new people on.

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