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A Toyota advergame makes you murder for a new car.

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The game: A Vincent Price-esque narrator announces that a race of dull, monochromatic "Sheeple" have "spread their gray disease" throughout the world. A Toyota sedan then drives past, carrying a carload of "Little Deviants"— mischievous, bloodthirsty, midget demons.


Your mission: Use the Deviants to pummel, slice, and dismember legions of roaming Sheeple. In the first level, you slap the helpless, bleating creatures until they spew blood and pass out.


In another, you rough them up in a sewer and watch their body parts fall off. (Your Deviant then "customizes" himself with the scattered pieces.)


You can play the game, Book of Deviants, here http://www.littledeviant.com/

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