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Romario 'Only The Strongest Will Survive' Compilation

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Lazy, trouble maker, egotistical, attitude problems, selfish, all words and phrases that have been used to describe the man nicknamed shorty. Then there's also words such as genius, one of the greatest centre forwards and finishers of all time, mixing all of thoses phrases together somewhat describes Romário best.


Sir Bobby Robson has described him as the hardest player he's ever had to manage, and that is saying a lot when you look at the long list of players Sir Bobby has managed. More often than not while at PSV on a Friday night he would find Romário in the night clubs of Eindhoven before a big game on a Saturday, Romário would turn round and say that he wasn't drinking and would then go on and score on a Saturday afternoon, time after time, week after week, season after season.


On a personal level after Ronaldo he's the best striker I've seen of my lifetime, the best finisher I've seen of my lifetime and perhaps the most intelligent as well. I've never seen someone have such time and composure in front of goal, it was almost as if he had nothing better to do so he may as well be scoring, he was just that relaxed in front of goal.


I made this video very quickly, and Romário clips are very hard to come by so it's certainly not the greatest, but just something I made while being bored earlier on today.


The song if anyone is interested is Hurricane #1- Only The Strongest Will Survive.


One thing I do recommend noticing in the video as well is the true genius of Michael Laudrup, one of the finest attacking midfielders of all time, and one of the most underrated players as well.





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The goal on 3:32 is the best, he had so much time, he could have took it down, he could have walked it around the keeper, but no he decided to do that instead as he knew he WOULD score because he was simply that good. ;)

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