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Guest alex

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...fuck do I show images from my PC on here. I was wanted to put up some if my Canada picks. I know this is one for the help forum but no one looks at that. Sorry to be such a technophobe / moron. Thanks in advance.

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First, upload to imageshack.us, website is pretty easy to navigate, copy the link it gives you once your picture has uploaded


On here use the ]IMG[ ]/IMG[ tags (brackets need to be the other way around though)

I thank you sir. I already tried that but that was probably due to the tags. I'll have another try.

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Oi Alex

You spend weeks at a time online and still cannot work the net properly,you spend to much

time taking the piss out of people,use your time better and learn you donut....

Cheers for saving me the effort this time.

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