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Shearer: Boss talk makes me cringe.

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Alan Shearer admits he is embarrassed at constantly being linked with the Newcastle


The Toon legend, in his most candid interview yet, insists he is happy for Sam Allardyce to have 10 YEARS in charge - because that will mean the Geordies were having a sustained period of success.


Shearer, 37, viewed on Tyne side as the Newcastle manager-in-waiting, knows Allardyce is working hard to put down his own foundations under demanding owner Mike Ashley.


He said: "I've never said I'm waiting to manage Newcastle at all but I can't stop other people thinking that.


"I understand why people talk that way because of my connections with the club. I love Newcastle and always will.


"I had 10 great years there and watch them as often as my contract with the BBC allows. I hope they do well more than anyone, but I can't control what people think.


"It does embarrass me at times.


I understand some managers can be a bit touchy but I can't do anything about that - it's out of my hands.


Successful "People have the idea that it's Newcastle or nothing for me in management but that's not the case. I would be foolish to say that, wouldn't I?


"Sam could be there for 10 years and I hope he is because that will mean we have been successful and that's what we all want.


"I really hope Sam can turn Newcastle around. Patience is going to be the key because everything is new.


"New owner, chairman, manager, staff and players, so it's not going to happen overnight.


"Results are going to be erratic and they have been so far, especially away from home, but that's a problem we've got used to over the years."


Shearer is badged-up and ready to go after gaining the coaching licences he needs to manage at the highest level.


But despite seeing former players such as Roy Keane and Gareth Southgate take the quick route, Shearer has put his managerial career on hold for a stint as a TV pundit on Match of the Day.


He admits he is only delaying the inevitable - and he is geared up to head into front-line management sooner rather than later.


Shearer said: "I've spent three years doing my A and B licences and I wouldn't have done them if I didn't think I would need that at some stage.


"But I'm content in what I am doing now. How long that will last? Your guess is as good as mine.


"What I'm doing now on TV is very different to what I've ever done because I went into a dressing room when I was 15 - that's all I've ever known. It was just a great place to be and that's the one thing I do miss, going in every day and having the banter with the lads.


"That has gone for ever but in a way I've left one dressing room and gone into another with guys like Hansen, Lineker and Lawrenson.


"I think if I got to 50 or 55 and hadn't gone into management I think there would be something chewing away at me.


"I'm confident in saying I will certainly give it a go. I will be, but I'd go in with my eyes open and I realise my reputation as a player would count for nothing. It might get me an extra seven days but that's all!


"I've been fortunate to play under a great manager in Terry Venables and I learned a great deal from him. Although I joke about him, I thought Ruud Gullit was a good coach.


"Kenny Dalglish was brilliant and Kevin Keegan, too, in different ways. You always hear old players saying they'll try and take a little bit from each manager they've played under, but putting that into practice is easier said than done.


"You can do all your badges nowadays but until you face situations that are thrown at you it's very difficult to say who you will be like."

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