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Seeing as we're in a holiday type threads day

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Any recommendations for good weekend breaks?


We've decided to cancel the idea of a christmas trip to New York in favour of spending the money on numerous weekends away on cheap flight trips. So we start next weekend with a nice easy Dublin jaunt (getting a flight Saturday early morning out and returning early Sunday morning, no luggage nowt just cameras and a free reign. Ending up at the airport for a few hours before we return.


Then we're looking at Prague, Krakow, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Paris all the usual suspects but Id be interested to hear any other places people can recommend.

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Expensive as fook like Dublin.


Yep Id heard that too, seeing as we're only going to buy coffee, sandwiches, a beer or two etc. Then I reckon its not going to be too much of a problem.


Might have to join a casino over there like to have somewhere to go between about midnight and 5am when we need to be at the airport :lol:

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Expensive as fook like Dublin and a rip-off at half the price.


Seriously, I have no clue why anyone would want to waste a weekend there. And that's not just someone who was spoilt by it's many cultural riches growing up. :razz:


Cross all those other wonderful places off your list first before even considering it would be my advice. I'm not that fond of Paris either, but most people seem to love it.

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Ryan air to Milan the Airport is actually in Bergamo. get the bus to Bergamo centre, finculator up into the old town. Stay at the Golden Lamb hotel. Brilliant traditional architecture, marvelous views and cracking food n drink.


I got flight for 1p (+taxes) hotel 90 euro (twin) for night.

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