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sata i/o cards

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Anyone ever added one of thses?


sata hdd are supposed to me much faster than ide hdd. This could be just marketing hype, but it maybe the best way to speed up an old system.


IF you add the 2nd hdd to a board that boots a ide hdd, i am wondering if you can use ide and sata at same time, or if it has to be one or the other?


Forget the fact it may not be cost effective) Just trying to get me head around the theory atmo!

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"Theres no problems running both as long as your motherboard can handle it,"



well there my furry friend! If you had seen the thread title i was refering to adding a i/o card to an older system. eg motherboards that only have ide slots on them. So adding a sata card, will be changing things around; am not sure but dont you have to tell the bios to ignore the ide slot for the boot device?? or maybe not, am just guessing about this)

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