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This Morning's Meet the Members: Geordie Boyo

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, this morning we have the third installment of our exciting und very popular new series. In case you have been asleep or on the planet mars all afternoon, we have a brand new Meet the Members series. This is brought to you, with approval of the team at all new Toontastic. I, Glasgow Mag, am your roving reporter. I aim to take you behind the username, to make the username become a real life person.


Tonight, I would like to introduce to you a living legend in Toontastic circles. He's been here since it started, and he admits in this frank and open interview that he has changed a lot since he started here.He has an opinion on everything. He is the Godfather of the board. Here is everything you wanted to know about him but were too scared to ask....




Geordie Boyo!!!


Real first name: Billy-Lee M


Nickname: Boyo…!


Age: 24


Occupation: Admin monkey


Location: Newcastle upon Tyne


Language(s) spoken? Unknown…


Avatar - why? Some members have called me GB. I just happened to have a t-shirt with the GB logo so thought…I’ll use it!


Previous avatar’s? The only one which stands out would be the famous mug-shot avatar. I remember JJ being the first to frighten members on here with his own so thought I’d try and match it by pulling a hideous face in a Toon top and got a few laughs out of it so kept it…for a while.


Tell us when you first joined the board? When was it and how did you feel as a beginner? You would have to ask Phillip Craig or JawD when I first came to life on here as I’d imagine it would have been not long after Toontastic was first created. I was new to the internet as well as Toontastic so I didn’t first appear as friendly as I come across today. I was a lot younger…and angrier…! So I didn’t take too well to different views, especially when it came to criticism on certain players which I felt was harsh at the time all thou I tend to ignore most negative threads these days.


Board highlights? I guess I’ve developed my own character on here, but never a false one! I try to come across as considerate and honest as I know I am in person, however as I‘ve said I can be too outspoken at times too. My highlights as Boyo have never really been on purpose, its just a natural thing with me and I don’t mean that in a big headed way as I tend to put my foot in it creating classic moments and classic threads. I guess you could say I can be a bit of a numpt at times, if I’m honest…!


Board lowlights? Getting in petty arguments and never walking away.


What would you be doing if you weren't doing your current job? I’d be in a different job…!


Pets? Used to have a dog, it died, end of story….


I play a bit like....a blind Tino Asprilla



Football heroes? Peter Beardsley, Paul Gascoigne & Alan Shearer.


Football villains? Vinnie Jones, Dennis Wise & Lee Hendrie


Best advice given? “Anybody who doesn’t look you in the eye when talking to you, is a LAIR!” - My dad. “If you love life don’t waste time as time is what life is made up of” - Bruce Lee


Ideal partner? An easy going trust worthy happy go lucky gal - My lass.


Ideal dinner date? A Chinese buffet.


Ideal meal? Lasagne & garlic bread.


Can you cook? Could I back flip out of my chair right now?…no


Current wheels? Screwed in plastic black wheels on the bottom of my chair.


Ideal wheels? Bigger screwed in plastic black wheels. Haven’t got my licence yet so I’ll answer that question more maturely in the near future hopefully.


Biggest influence? My dad & Bruce Lee!


TV programmes? Little Britain, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers & Auf Wiedersehen Pet.


Burger and chips or fish and chips? Burger & chips simply because I prefer burger to fish. Sorry like, there’s no punch line…!


Chinese or Indian? What do you order? Italian.


Favourite tunes? Eric Clapton - Cocaine (Not that I go near shit like that, just like the tune) Prodigy - Kilos (Always put that song on without fail when I’m shooting pool.) I kinda like Mark Knopfler’s Fere Well Northumberland tune too at the minute.


Abi Titmuss or Jodi Marsh? Abi Titmuss I suppose…nah, my lass!


George Clooney or Bradley Pitt? What! No Tom Cruise?


Favourite films? The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Enter the Dragon. Lord of the Rings trilogy. Scarface & Gladiator.


If I won a million pounds....I’d sort my family and close friends out then buy a new home for me and my lass. Probably by myself a mixed martial arts centre and a bar or too abroad.


Age first drunk alcohol? First drink? I had a sip of carling when I was about 7 I think, from my dad.


Ever suspended/expelled from school? Why? I’ve been suspended twice for knocking off and fighting. GRRR’ NUMPT!


Favourite insult? Numpty!


Not a lot of people know that.........I’m a legend…


Most you've ever spent on an item of clothes? £140 on a new suit.


How many pairs of shoes do you own? One pair, that’s all you need…!


I'm obsessed with.....coming on here and being lazy…!


In 5 years time, I hope to be....not be lazy, but still come on here.


Well, readers, I found that a fascinating insight into the persona of Geordie Boyo. I've always wondered how that great mind worked, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is now that bit closer to understanding his inner workings. Thanks, Boyo, for opening the window into your life for 5 minutes.


Any more questions for Geordie Boyo? Please ask now as I open the forum to you, the people who matter most, the members!


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I'm disappointed that he hasn't mentioned the tan.......  :blush:  :blush:




It isn't there anymore unfortunatly. B) didn't wanna be confused for an oompa loompa with all this Charlie & the chocolate factory rage. :angry:



As far as the highlights & lowlights part goes I wasn't too sure whether you meant the highlights on the board its self, or my own highlights. There's been some great threads from the likes of Slp, Alex, mancy, Cath & Gemmill in the past plus a certain mackem popping off to catch beyonce while in the chat room then returning as spunky trunks was quite a laugh too. :razz:

Edited by Geordie Boyo
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As far as the highlights & lowlights part goes I wasn't too sure whether you meant the highlights on the board its self, or my own highlights.



How the hell do you manage to get highlights in that :razz: hair? :angry:

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Did I forget to mention I'm not very popular...!  :razz:






I have natural grey highlights, which is why I stay bald  :blush: *cough cough* shaven  :angry:








So, Boyo, what mgazines if any do you like?


What do you remember if anything about your first day at school?


If you were to make a fruit salad what would you have in it?


What hobbies do you have?


Organic food - your opinions please.

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