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Xbox and PSN Gamertags

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Don't know if any of you have these consoles nevermind online play but if you do post your gamertag and I'll add it to the list!

XBOX 360:


Besty - Besty4290

Paul - nufc88

Jonny2J - Jonny2J

CharltonNUFC - CharltonNUFC

menace13 - Menacie

Magma - Ianw1990

Barney - abarnewell

Farnie1993 - FaRnIe

Stiva - Randy For Orton

Inglez - D3 Hazzard

2bias - x2biasx

Andrew - semimental7896

Stu_J - Stu J2

khay - DrKhally

The Fish - geordiefish

trophyshy - dr choc

Bassong Almighty... - AaronAvenger666

bawan - Baw3590

ChriszyD - PuRe XrAtEd

The Mighty Hog - MHodgson

FantaZia - Hedley1986

wykikitoon - Darthshearer


Playstation 3:


Besty - BestyNUFC

khay - DrKhay

smudger - Smudger1980

menace13 - Menacie

Tom - bungleandbeef

Jimbo - Wal-net74

Farnie1993 - FaRnIe

ULSTER MAG - neillw

Gemmill - heggahegga

Stu_J - Stu__J

MattM4 - GreatNumberFour

dave_prso9 - dave_prso9

WordPlay - FightLykBeavers



im on PS3 not xbox ;) haha

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