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Nostalgia: Match/Shoot Magazine

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hey guys,

was wondering if anyone else used to read either match or shoot magazine around the glory years of 95 and a bit onwards. I remember they used to have ridiculous articles about asprilla based on him and his guns. The thing which bothered me (provoked by seeing the excellent sir les tribute video) is that I remember that one of them (it was probably shoot) had an issue with an interview with sir les where the front cover was a picture of him with "past the post" written somewhere, and in the interview he said something about the squad throwing themselves into the tyne if they didn't win the title.


There's random back issues available on ebay and the like, but I couldn't find this one (or the interview). Anyone able to remember it more vividly (i was still relatively in my footballing infancy) and or give me a more specific date, or better yet dig out their archive and have a look.


Dunno what it is, but as the years tick by find myself looking more and more at the enjoyable things of childhood and regretting getting rid of various magazines, sticker albums, and old videos. Could waste days on end watching childhood cartoons on the internet/dvd.




p.s. I do realise my first post (if anyone remembers, it was the old sugar puffs adverts) was taken as me taking the piss. It wasn't meant to be. I just found it really funny (maybe ironic, but i'm not sure) that the new management had brought together keegan and wise, and they had rather unexpectedly come to newcastle... and we were in need of a decent striker. Oh well, i guess its each to their own

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I always got Match, my mate (who's two years older than me) bought one for Nostalgia purposes about a year ago & it's the same as it ever was



It felt great when i got to the age to graduate to Four Four Two :lol:

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