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Reminiscing about the time when there were loads of Newcastle lads playing at the highest level (Gascoigne, Shearer, Robson, Beardsley, Waddle)


If money was no object, could we make a team from local lads playing at a high level now?


I'm struggling... all I can think of at the moment are Taylor, Harper and Carrick (I suppose you could include Chopra).



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Bawan, Besty, Stevie, 2J, Magma, Jimbo, SLP and T-Keith

That's Newcastle Australia then. :lol:


Well that's jimbo and myself in the starting squad.

Can't be any worse than the Bawan, Besty, Stevie, 2J, Magma, SLP and T-Keith line-up.

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I think it is obvious from this that the area hasn't produced any quality players for a long time!


Footballing hotbed, haven't you heard? :nufc:


Is Steve Stone still playing?

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to be honest, when you consider the size of the area, we haven't done too badly. Liverpool and Man U both had a stage where they simply farmed out premiership footballers, but that seems to have slowed to a halt. Gerrard, Carragher et al were the the last liverpool youngsters to really make it, if memory serves.


Everton produced Rooney and Vaughan... but that's about all I can remember.


Man U haven't had a kid make it with them since the Beckham and Scholes group came through.


We have produced (but haven't neccessarily held onto) Carrick, Taylor, Shola, Harper, Chopra. In all honesty I don't think that's a terrible haul for a city with our population.

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