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Aye. But it was still a bit touch and go I think. Apparently they had sort of made up and left an open invite to turn up for a rehersal..and only a couple didn't. Random factoid, they were number 1 on the day I was born.

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Loved their stuff as a youth, but I doubt I would go to see them now.


I wont dance, in a club like this

cos all the girls are fucking slags

and the beer tastes just like PISS


Nightcluuuub, I'm a member of the nightcluuuub a fully paid up member of the nightclub.


Nightcluuuub, is this the in place to be?

Nightcluuuub, what am I doing here?

Nightcluuuub, watching the girls go by

spending money on BEER!



Summat like that, anyway :blink::razz: (in me Two Tone gear, of course!!)

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