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£10m bid for Bafetimbi Gomis?

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Looks like Adebayor is off to Milan.


Obafemi to Arsenal then?


Not good enough for Arsenal.




Two posts now in quick succession.


Banter: minimal


Crack: n/a



Please try harder. :lol:



I really don`t think he is. Watched him closely last season and thought he wasn`t bad, but nothing special.


Made Reina look a bit of a tit the season before last though didn't he?


Also that ball he hit against the crossbar at Anfield in March was phenominal. Should have been there Torres, it was something to see ;)


torres is actually right for once. martins isnt good enough for arsenal and i dont know how any of you idiots think he is


He's more than good enough at his best, but I suspect his inconsistency is why rumours have never developed into reality, but then if he played at his best consistently we'd never have got him in the first place.

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