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*safer as a link rather than embedded (especially if you open it in Bensham Library :lol: )


Great video; rich and compelling.



Here are some song lyrics - No apologies if you're not familiar with the song; It's the Beatles ffs. I'm sure it's on Youtube.

Mean Mr Ashley


Mean Mr Ashley at St James' Park

Says Kev's in charge then denies it later

Spending less than those down the road

Raids the club shop for his clothes

Signing players Kev doesn't know

Such a greedy fat man,

Such a lying con man.

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Violent Hill by Coldsore


Was the first day of September

The worst window I remember

Just Xisco



Clearly I remember

From the tv they were watching

At the mongs in their droves.


When the protest’s on a bedsheet

By a carnival of idiots on show

You'd better lie low


So Mike Ashley,

Why did King Kev go?


Was a cold and wet September

When the word came out that Keegan

Left his job

We felt robbed


The club then smeared our idol

Maybe Kev should sue for libel

As the ‘FACTS’ were held aloft


Terry went in honor

and then Sadler left the ground

A big fat lie unfolds


So Mike Ashley,

Why did King Kev go?

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Tiny Wanker - Song by Elton Square, Lyrics by Bertie Tarpaulin.


Ashley‘s shady, he thought maybe, Kev would fool the fans

Dennis Wise, boss-eyed dial, half the height of a man

Little dreamer, the cockney schemer has an evil plan

And now the teeny, weenie meanie, tiny wanker knife in hand


Benwell freaks out in the street

Season tickets that we’ve bought

Terry Mac gets the sack

At least Guti’s not too bad


Howay man lets make a stand

In the auditorium

Looking on and singing songs

The words we know, the tune we hum


Mikey are you for real

Lying here to get in the clear

Fuck you and your sad cronies

and we say Ashley, phoney


Get rid of the tiny wanker

He’d be dead if I had my way

Fans write on their sheets of linen

and David Craig is on his way

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If the poisoned Dwarf started a band?


Dennis Wise Brain Of The Painted Corn

Dennis Wise Dust

Dennis Wise Tragedy

Dennis Wise Cracker And The Wreckage

Defeated Dennis Wise And The Fight

Militia Of The Decrepit

Dennis Wise Inch

Dennis Wise Impact

Chafed Dennis Wise And The Crying Finger

Impossible Dennis Wise

Dennis Wise Overdose

Dennis Wise Flower Of The Purple Gonad

Bleach Of The Dennis Wise Destiny

Dennis Wise Wreckage

Corporate Dennis Wise And The Industrial Boiled



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